WANTED: If you have any into an the whereabouts of Ads please contact Polturgighst at the LU Wiki

Ads was the lead rebuilder of LEGO Universe in the LEGO Universe Model Factory Movement. He Single handedly rebuilt exact replicas of the Venture Koi Starship that carried the 4 explorers to planet crux but was soon after destroyed by the Maelstrom and The Black Seas Baracuda which was captin jack knife's ship loged in the main tree in gnarled forest. He was famouse for some time in 2/3 of LU but at the last 1/3 he had internet problems and was not able to keep up his account which left him forgetten. But he was one of my best freinds and coworkers on LEGO Universe Model Factory. He is also creator of the Amazone Project which was a project trying to creat a new LU world like the Amazon jungle but with the models he created in it. But this project was deemed unsucsessful when he was offline and forgotten along with the project. Ads sadly was never seen on LU again and missed the closing. He now resides on LEGO Universe Model Factory along with me Polturgighst and a select few otherse such as Hollis, PatchM142, legomstercj, and the newly introdused Brigs, Alcom1, and JimmytheJamThing. You can join us on LEGO Universe Model Factory by becoming a member of this site. But back to the point. We who remember Ads will miss him forever. But I think I will miss Ads the most because I have worked along side him for almost a year now and have come to know the forgotten but stil beloved minifigure that was Ads.

Sites Ads has joined

LEGO Universe Model Factory

MLN and Help Blog

Team Nexus Delta

The Amazone Project

Now with this last thought I say thank you Ads for everything you have rebuilt and done for LU.