Theme Assembly
Weapon unknown
Head Gear Sailor Hat
Left-Hand Item Briefcase
Neck Item Messenger Bag
Bonus Slot Item unknown
Shirt Classic Astronaut Shirt
Pants Bat Lord Pants
BlueKnightSam is an Assembly minifigure on LEGO Universe. He is SamBlueMB on the Message Boards and BlueKnightSam on the wiki. He is not well known, but is known as good friend.

BlueKnightSam has joined the Legend Team and Team Nexus Delta.


BlueKnightSam has two properties. He made a jousting arena in Avant Grove and a Hero property (which is not done).


  • He is mostly in the chatroom on the Lego Universe Wiki.
  • He has 50 Sentinel and Venture faction tokens.


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