Infidelwarrior on the last day of LEGO Universe (circled).

Infidelwarrior is a level 45 assembly player. He gets along with F2P players, and usually hung out in Nimbus Station or Nexus Tower.

Weapons/Items UsedEdit

  • Slot One: Inventor Improved Launcher 3/Varies
  • Slot Two: Inventor Goggles 3/Varies
  • Slot Three: Varies
  • Slot Four: Inventor Shoulderpads 3/Varies
  • Slot 5: The Big One
  • Shirt: Inventor Armor 3/Varies
  • Pants: Explorien Bot Pants


  • His known friends are NitroChronoWarrior and MadSolarFossil.
  • He liked to last for many instances in Avant Gardens Survival.
  • Infidelwarrior was listed on "Role Call for 45s" message post.