Theme Sentinel (Main)

Paradox Venture Assembly (alts)

Weapon Savage Club
Head Gear Flogmore's Cap
Left-Hand Item N/A
Neck Item Epaulets of Authority
Bonus Slot Item The Big One!
Shirt Fancy Captain Shirt
Pants Bat Lord Pants
Page in progress

Krysto, formerly Krysto2002, was a Universe late Alpha tester, Beta tester and devoted player throughout the game's history. Perhaps best known for only being well known to players who were themselves well known, he got along just fine.

Accomplishments in game included programming a working minigame on a property, programming a number counter and being a member of the first in game toeam to complete the full Battle of Nimbus Station.

Friends in game included Mythrunn (yhnmko1), Alcom , Jamessteer, Hollis , Tex20, Mahri828, Nebula, Powerminer, Patch, just to name a few.

Die-hard Sentinel and full level 3 with valiants all the way.


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