Theme F2P
Weapon Bat Lord Staff, Elite Cleaver
Head Gear Hood of Healing, Wizard's Hat of Whirlwind, Helmet of Entrapment, Uber Helmet
Left-Hand Item Gem scepter, Mosaic Jester Shield
Neck Item Breastplate of Armored Inspiration
Bonus Slot Item unknown
Shirt Zippered Leather Jacket
Pants Flight Suit Legs
RandomSmartyWarrior is a level 42 F2P minfigure on LEGO Universe and jonnylegoboy911 on the messageboards.


RandomSmartyWarrior befriended many players, including: Cheekychoppa, HappyToxicViper, ComicRickNinja, MrSlugAndGreg, Thekrrilllain, TalanT, VenomousSashedSquid, ThePlasmafish, Wypassiony, StarboardCookingAgent, ShadowDoom, FavouriteZanyGloop, xander01, Talha, Darkstormdragon, thomboy, and PlasmaSpaceMeteor. PlasmaSpaceMeteor was his best friend of them all. RandomSmartyWarrior met thomboy when RandomSmartyWarrior was a low level 30 and thomboy was a level 27, they became good friends and agreed to meet the following day but unfortunately Random was unable to be there. When Random did finally get back on, he found that thomboy was off his friendlist and was unable to contact him. Months passed and when it came to the final week of LU when RandomSmartyWarrior had given up on missions after reaching level 42, Random was running up to the rocks to the broken section of road near the monument when out of nowhere in jumped a now Level 42 thomboy! they remembered each other instantly and stayed together for most of the day, after that thomboy was not seen by Random again as that was the last day of LU!. After this RandomSmartyWarrior  returned to the sentinel base camp, meeting a new friend called TAlanT, when he and I were about to leave he said "Goodbye and Good luck" before flying away, then around 9pm on the 31st of January 2012 RandomSmartyWarrior signed out of LU for the last time not knowing whether he would see the friends he had made and the wonder of Lego Universe ever again. Among other Interesting things to happen during the time RandomSmartyWarrior played LU, he accidently glitched his F2P friendlist causing it to accept 8 friends rather than 5 until they were deleted and he was once mistaken for a Member because of his level and accidently angered the other player by not being able to tell him what faction he was.