RoboHop is a level 45 Member minfigure in LEGO Universe. He is a rank three Engineer, a rank three Inventor, and a rank three Summoner. He was a Alpha and a Beta tester. He is also User:A0802 on Lego Universe Archives Wiki. His best friends names were ExtraShockingLegend, IceBlueDot, SwordJake, scorpinocks, AceArmoredCatfish, and BurntVictoryBolt.

His PetsEdit

  • Triceratops Pet: Dino
Doberman Pet: Josh

  • Buffalo Pet: Ben

  • Skunk Pet: Smelly
Robot Dog Pet: Robo
Dog Pet: Vince

  • Cat Pet: Scooter
Bunny Pet: Fuzzy
Elephant Pet: Jumbo
Warthog Pet: Hogy
  • Crab Pet: Crabby
Crocodile Pet: Alley
Lion Pet: Leo

  • Mantis Pet: Manty
Goat Pet: Billy

  • Panda Pet: Pande

  • Reindeer Pet: Rudolf

  • Saber-Toothed Cat Pet: Toothy
Green Dragon Pet: Verde
Red Dragon Pet: Flamey

  • Skeleton Dragon Pet: Skully
Earth Dragon Pet: Rocky


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