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  • AtomicScientist

    Name says it all. You guys vote:Should we use a Message Wall, or a Talk Page?

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  • AtomicScientist

    A safe haven from Mythrun and his cruel Age Limits. In my eyes, anyone over 12 can join. If anyone wants to stay safe, this is the place.

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  • AtomicScientist


    December 19, 2011 by AtomicScientist

    These are my rules.

    1:No spam, please, i want this wiki to not be spam full.

    2:No off-topic stuff. Please, it is not good for the wiki.

    3:NO DOING SPAM FOR BADGES! If i see spam, i will remove them.

    4:Stay Active "At least on once a week"

    5:Please no inappropiate stuff. You know what i'm talking about.


    7:No being rude, mean, spamming, or insolent in chat.

    8:Please dont be a person who only does one edit on something like a Top Ten list.

    9:No talking behind the Admins and Crats backs! If we see this, we will not be happy.

    Follow these rules, and you will stay out of trouble. If not, i'll give you three warnings. If you ignore all three, you will be banned from chat. If you still ignore,i'll give you three more wa…

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  • AtomicScientist

    Contest Pictures!

    December 17, 2011 by AtomicScientist

    These are my pictures for Hollis's Launchpad Contest! Coming soon: The ALS System!

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  • AtomicScientist


    December 9, 2011 by AtomicScientist

    We need more activity guys! If were gonna help keep the memories of minifigures in this wiki, were gonna have to step it up. Ive assigned jobs for each of you.

    User:Cdmpants Your gonna be in charge of trivia and photos. You are also now second in command of the wiki.

    User:Alcom1 Your gonna be the greeter of new members. Your also gonna show them around.

    User:Iankelly, User:Jegalo , and User:AwesomeMe All of you going to b my second in commands.

    User:PatchM142 Your in charge of editing mistakes. (Missing Bold, Bad links)

    User:BlueKnightSam , User:TerrificGravityFalconfromLU and ThatUser:LUModder Your in charge of finding players on the message boards, MLN, or the wikia. There, your gonna ask them what there character was.

    User:Destroyer552, User:…

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