Welcome to my second blog post, wikiers.

This blog post is about stubs. I've recently found that many pages are being deleted. Why? That question was asked by many (like, two people). I decided it was because they don't have enough content! Well, though cramming a wiki full on pages without content, isn't a good thing, I needed to find a way to keep these pages around. As you know, this wiki is for keeping all the LU minifigs archived. So, the answer to this question, was one day found, while I was visiting the message boards wiki. Templat:Stub

Template:Stub is used, when the page does not have much content. The template looks like this:

In this blog post, I am going to give you step-by-step instructions, on how to add this template, to a page.


First find a page, that does not have much content.


Then click "edit". Over to the very right of the screen, scroll down, and click "Add other templates".


Then scroll over to the search bar and search "Stub". Then scroll down a bit, and click "Template:Stub" as shown in the picture.


Then click "Insert". The page will look like this, while editing.

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