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  • JordanSiah


    June 10, 2012 by JordanSiah

    I'm gonna be inactive starting from today.I'm gonna check on some days(Wednesdays especially).So SGTIVL,you're taking the lead from now on(and also say to Wannbee1013 on NFSW and say to him that ian1998280 is not playing anymore.)So anybody saying stuff like "WOW,I'M HERE!",say to them make an account and go to the LU wiki.

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  • JordanSiah

    We need more Editors!

    February 10, 2012 by JordanSiah

    We need more editors!We also need more minfigures or else this wiki is not gonna have over a Thousand pages.Please ask anybody to come here and edit.

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  • JordanSiah

    Request For Bureaucrat

    February 3, 2012 by JordanSiah

    Hello,I'm Jordan.I am nominating myself to be a bureaucrat.I have 152 mainspace edits.I have deleted spam and has read the rules.I will not abuse this rights if it is successful.Thank you for taking your time to read.

    JordanSiah .

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  • JordanSiah


    February 3, 2012 by JordanSiah

    Okay,here's some warnings:

    If a wikia contributer says: LOL -Iankelly for example,don't trust him alot.I'm not saying that we should not trust im,but just don't trust him fully.He may be trolling.

    This isn't really a warning,just a reminder.We DON'T NEED ANY ADMINS at the moment.We have around 5 here.If you do request to have a 'rank' here,request for a Chat Mod.

    A warning for a while,when you're adding categories,please be reminded not to use Venture Leauge.Instead,use Venture League.

    Becareful of Adventjorden(Trolling),99up(very high percentage of misusing his power),TerribleFinestLava(spammer and sockpuppet of Foota5).

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  • JordanSiah


    December 28, 2011 by JordanSiah

    I'm thinking that why don't make more maelstrom enemies?!

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