Okay,here's some warnings:

Number 1

If a wikia contributer says: LOL -Iankelly for example,don't trust him alot.I'm not saying that we should not trust im,but just don't trust him fully.He may be trolling.



Number 2

This isn't really a warning,just a reminder.We DON'T NEED ANY ADMINS at the moment.We have around 5 here.If you do request to have a 'rank' here,request for a Chat Mod.

Number 3

A warning for a while,when you're adding categories,please be reminded not to use Venture Leauge.Instead,use Venture League.

Number 4

Becareful of Adventjorden(Trolling),99up(very high percentage of misusing his power),TerribleFinestLava(spammer and sockpuppet of Foota5).

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